Project objectives

The general objective of the Bond Project is to develop an array of smart nanobiosensors based on ORs for the detection of odorant signatures. This proposed intelligent biosensor based on ORs for detection of odorant signatures will offer:

  • Extremely high sensitivity, thus making possible the detection of low concentrations of odorant molecules (below 0.1 ppb)
  • Maximum reliability and capability of detecting odorant volatile molecules of small size, below 300 Da.
  • Very high specificity for a given odorant molecule and, at the same time, capability of detecting a broad range of the volatile odorant chemicals composing an odorant profile or fingerprint.
  • Real-time response, this parameter being mostly dependent upon data processing.
  • Easy-to-use environment, low degree of expertise required to operate such an instrument due to a user-friendly interface.
  • Portable equipment, implemented on a sensor-on-chip platform.
  • Affordable sensor system: low price, including both instrumentation and analysis costs.