A multidisciplinary project

The present project proposes a new bioelectronic nose based on olfactory receptors in order to mimic the animal nose. Briefly, the basis of the nanobioplatform will be the olfactory receptors, prepared in the form of nanosomes immobilized onto the nanotransducers. An array of smart nanotransducers will acquire and process electronically the detected odour. Such an easy-to-use nanobioplatform, with user-friendly interface and odorant identification algorithm, will detect and discriminate the odorants.

The development of this intelligent biosensor based on ORs for detection of odorants requires a multidisplinary research combining nano-bio-info sciences and technologies. In this research, advances in biotechnology, chemistry and nano-, bio- , information and cognitive sciences and technologies converge and interact, presenting a great challenge that will be devoted to produce an integrated biolectronic sensor nanoplatform for odour detection.