Overall Strategy

In order to ensure the achievement of the project goals, the project will be developed in three main phases.

Phase I. The main objective of this phase is to design the Bioelectronic Olfactory Neuron Device, thus achieving as an output the specifications and Platform structure.

Phase II. The second phase will have as main final objective the development and characterisation of the nanobiosensors. The main partial objectives will be:

  • To develop the technology to identify and produce the ORs sensitive to the identified volatile odorant markers and produce them in the form of nanosomes.
  • To design and fabricate smart nanotransducers for electrochemical detection.
  • To immobilize the nanosomes containing the ORs onto the nanotransducers.
  • To characterize structurally and electrically the nanobiosensors at the nanoscale.
  • To provide a theoretical understanding of the biophysicochemical processes occurring in the sensing action of the OR and at the interface between the environment and the nanobiosensors.

Phase III. The third phase will have as main final objective the development of the bioelectronic olfactory neuron device. Specific objectives to be fulfilled in this phase include:

  • The design of the biosensor platform in a microarray format
  • The design and assembly of electronic instrumentation for signal conditioning, data processing and data acquisition.
  • The development of an odour identification algorithm.
  • The integration of all the previous components plus the nanobiosensors into a single platform
  • To test the validation of the detection and concentration measuring capabilities of the developed biosensor platform.